After School Clubs

At Percy Shurmer Academy we offer our children an exciting range of after-school clubs. Our aim is to help the children to develop their articulacy and speaking and listening skills through fun and engaging activities. These are the following activities we currently offer:

Story Time with our Children and Families

This wonderful opportunity is open to children and their families every Monday from 2:40pm until 3.15pm.  Our school librarian (Mrs Gaston) will share a story with you all and then work with the children and their families.  

There will be opportunities to discuss feelings within the story and the chance to complete a FUN activity.

We look forward to seeing you there! Each class in KS1 will get the opportunity to attend over the year. Currently, in Summer Term 1, we are inviting children and parents from Year 1 to attend. 

The Big Read - Art Club

As part of the The Big Read - design a book bench project, our artist in residence Andrew Timms is working with a group of gifted artists from across the school. 

The children will design and paint their book bench which will then be displayed around the region in cultural hubs, leisure complexes and shopping centres to create a series of free indoor art trails, giving everybody the opportunity to enjoy young people’s creativity during the summer holidays of 2016.

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Cookery Club

At Cookery Club we make a variety of food from all around the world, from tasty sandwiches to delicious mouth watering desserts. The children will learn key cookery skills  and how to follow instructions in order to develop themselves into the next Gordon Ramsay as well as designing their own recipes.  The children will begin to develop an understanding about healthy eating and hygiene. 

Story Time Club

At Story Time Club, the children get cosy and comfy to share their favourite stories. They will then  complete lots of interesting and fun activities based around the topic. The children learn to develop key speaking and listening skills during the discussions. What a lovely way to end the day!

Sewing Club

In Sewing Club, we are  learning to use a variety of stitches, skills such as pattern making, cutting and pinning are taught. They will also learn how to sew on sequins and beads. Children will be doing creative sewing using different sewing techniques and various types of fabrics. Watch out for the next up and coming fashion designer or interior designer!

Gymnastics Club

During the sessions children will learn a variety of skills to aid them in any sport they may wish to take up in the future. Our after school club aims to improve fitness, coordination, body control, confidence, self esteem, listening skills and cognitive learning. 

Art Club

At Art Club we explore a variety of artists and themes. The club will combine education with creativity and aims to build confidence and self esteem,develop social skills and focus attention and develop listening skills. The children will learn key art skills  and how to follow instructions in order to develop themselves into the next Vincent Van Gogh.