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Social Or Emotional Health

My child has social or emotional difficulties

What is it?

Children and young people may experience a wide range of social and emotional difficulties which manifest themselves in many ways.

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  What does it look like?

 Children may:

 Become withdrawn or isolated

 Display challenging behaviour or disruptive behaviour

 Develop anxiety or depression

 Have an eating disorder such as anorexia

 Have other disorders which include attention deficit hyperactive disorder  (ADHD) or attachment disorders.

What can Percy Shurmer offer?

In liaison with class teachers and parents, the SENCo will support staff to provide the most appropriate level of support.

Support Menu

Universal Support for all children

  • Differentiation - teachers will adapt teaching and learning so that children can access the curriculum at their level.

  • Audit of the learning environment to ensure children have maximum access to the curriculum.

  • Dedicated and caring staff (with team teach training) who have high ambitions and expectations for all children regardless of disability or needs.

  • Access to quiet environments.

Short term interventions

A range of assessments are used to determine children’s starting points and monitor their progress.

Nurture Groups (need basis)

Nurture groups are small group work where students are in an accepting and warm environment which helps develop positive relationships with both teachers and peers.

SIBs Talk Intervention

A 'Siblings in Schools Project' to support pupils with well-being and engagement in learning who have a siblings who is disabled or have a special educational needs or a serious long term condition.

Social Skills Groups

Small groups developing social awareness; including emotional intelligence, self esteem, expressive language skills, turn taking and appropriate behaviour in specific social situations.

Behaviour Plans

A behaviour plan is a temporary measure to support children in making the correct choices. Children will have small step targets to work on and are rewarded for all their efforts.

Academic Interventions

All children with social and emotional needs have equal access to all interventions as stated in the cognition and support menu.

Click here to see the range of academic interventions on offer

Specialist provision

Educational Psychologist

Educational Psychology provides professional psychological services for children. They use the expertise of psychological theory and research to develop an understanding of even the most complex situations, addressing a wide range of child and adolescent developmental issues, including special educational needs.

Forward thinking (previously known as CAMHs)

Forward Thinking provides access to the right support at the right time for children with emotional and mental health difficulties.

The team of professionals support and work with children who are experiencing severe and persistent mental health or emotional/behavioural difficulties.

Behaviour support

City of Birmingham School (COBS) provide an outreach service to schools in Birmingham. They provide advice and support to schools to meet the needs of a widening range of pupils with emotional, social, and behavioural difficulties.

Exam Access arrangements

Access arrangements are made for children who needs adaptations so they can access tests.