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Match Reports

Girls Cardiff Tournament (01/07/2017)

Girls from Percy Shurmer took part in an exciting tournament in Cardiff (Wales). There were teams from all over England competing in all age groups from ladies teams all the way to under 10's. The girls were placed in a very difficult group and were in for a hard morning. The girls played 5 matches and excelled in all games, they won 4 of their 5 games only losing one game and scored an impressive 26 goals and only conceding 1. The girls performed astoundingly well and played some outstanding football. After the matches the girls got the chance to see the champion’s league trophy up close and see legends of the game such as Steven Gerrard play football in the fan park. Well done to all the girls involved - they were excellent throughout the whole day and played incredible football.

Girls Percy Shurmer Cup (09/06/2017)

The Percy girls hosted their first tournament and it went exceptionally well. They were placed in a very difficult group against experienced sides; the girls came out as winners in their first match after playing extremely good football. This form continued in the following two matches which meant that the girls had made it out of the group and into the semi-finals. In the semi-finals they faced a very exciting Clifton side that had scored many goals in their group games and had played outstanding football. In the semi-finals Percy ran out 3-0 winners and progressed to the finals to play against a strong St Bernands team. The final was really exciting with chances for both teams, but then in the final minute of the game Percy broke away and scored which ended up being the only goal of the game. The girls won the tournament playing superb football and having a wonderful team spirit, well done girls! 

Kwik Cricket Tournament (09/06/2017)

Year 6 Percy boys took part in their first cricket tournament of the year, the boys started their tournament against a strong Yarnfield team.  The boys put in a strong performance but unfortunately they lost the first game only by a couple of runs.  The next match Percy started off really well and succeeded to get the opposition out for a good amount of runs then it was there turn to bat. The boys managed to bat themselves to victory by scoring more runs than the opposition, this then continued into the following match. They started off scoring a large amount of runs and setting a high target for the other team to compete with, which the other school managed to complete and eventually came away with victory. The boys played excellently throughout the tournament and showed dazzling cricket skills. 

Aston Villa Tournament District Team (29/04/2017)

Some of the girls from year 5/6 were chosen to represent the school in a South Birmingham district tournament involving other districts all over the West Midlands. The girls were split across both teams which were entered and achieved outstanding results. There was great attacking play but also great defensive work by all the players involved. They should all be very proud of their efforts. 

Girls Vs The Oaks (28/04/2017)

The girls played in a match against a strong oaks side in a league match. The game was very close throughout with both schools having chances to score the first goal. As the game headed to half time the score was still at deadlock then the oaks broke forward and narrowly missed an opportunity. As the game came towards the finish, Percy broke away and produced a brilliant attack which ended in a goal. This then was the final score, the girls played extremely well and all worked tirelessly for the result.

Chance To Shine Cricket Tournament (26/04/2017)

A group of Percy year 4's were involved with the 'Chance To Shine' programme cricket competition; the group was split into A and B team. They were then put into two groups in which they would play 3 games spread across the day. The B team were played within a very challenging group but they rose to the challenge and played some extremely good cricket and very close to matching their opponent’s. The A team played extremely well in their group and within their first game narrowly missed out on a win but they carried this experience into the following two games.  The next game the A team missed out on a victory only due to the amount of runs they had scored but within this match some extremely impressive cricket was played. In their final match all the team played exceedingly well and they won the match and this meant they had one more match to play. In the final match Percy took all there experience and high run scoring attitude throughout the tournament and used it in the final match and won this match too. Well done to both teams , excellent cricket was played by all.

West Brom FC Primary schools Festival (05/04/2017)

Percy year 3/4 football team took part in a football festival against teams from all over the West Midlands; the boys played their first match against Four Dwellings. The match produced some wonderful moments from both teams and the results were extremely close. The boys then played their second match against Our Lady of Fatima, this was a really interesting match with both teams playing well. With both teams playing exceptionally in both defences’ the game ended as a draw. Percy played Jervoise and played outstandingly and won this match 1-0. The last game of the tournament saw Percy play Montgomery, this game was extremely close and Montgomery only slightly edged the game coming away with the victory. Well done to all the boys that were involved. 

Percy Tag Rugby Festival - Part 2 (28/03/2017)

The Tag Rugby team took part in the second part of the festival on a rainy Tuesday evening, the second round of fixtures proved to be as exciting as the first round. With still the trophy to be won and 2nd and 3rd place medals to claim it made for an exciting finale. There were 4 rounds of fixtures to played and within all the rounds there were excellent skills on show from the girls and boys, with many wonderful tries scored. With all scores totalled and tries calculated the results showed what an exciting and competitive festival it had been. Percy played tremendously well throughout the festival and came in 2nd place. Congratulations boys and girls on your incredible performance.

Year 4/5 Football Tournament Yardley Wood (24/03/2017)

Boys from year 4 and 5 took part in a football tournament against 10 others schools from Birmingham, the boys played their first match against St Martins. The game was a really close thought with both teams having many chances; St Martin managed to secure the victory with the last kick of the game. Percy then played there next game against St Bernard’s in which both teams had chances to secure victory but the game ended in a draw. Chilcote was next up for Percy, Percy had a number of chances in which their goalkeeper kept the score 0-0. Chilcote then secured victory with a very good opportunity which came towards the end of the game which ended up being the end result. Percy ended their tournament with a match against Colmore , they played some excellent football which showed in the score line.  Percy played really well in the tournament and showed some very promising play . Well done to all the boys that competed. 

Percy Tag Rugby Festival (14/03/2017)

Percy hosted their first ever Tag Rugby festival; it involved 5 other schools, Clifton, Thornton, The Oval, Firs and Four Dwellings. The First round of fixtures took place on the 14th March , the boys played extremely well in the first matches of the season and so did all the other schools ; on display was some very high quality play . This has set up the league for an exciting finally for second part of the tournament on 28th March. Wasps Rugby Club came down to support the event and offered some coaching and passed on expert advice to the students. Well done boys.


Girls Football Birmingham City Ladies Partnership Competition (12/03/2017)

The girls took part in a competition held at Four Dwellings schools; the competition was being delivered by the Birmingham City ladies partnership. The girls played 5 games against all the over schools, they won three games , lost 1 and drawn 1. These results meant that they finished in 2nd place in the tournament. This capped off an astounding couple of weeks for the girls who have played some amazing football. At the end of the tournament the girls had the chance to meet Bella a professional footballer from Birmingham City Ladies.

Girls Competition Yardley Wood (10/03/2017)

The girls played in a competition at Yardley wood playing fields involving school from all over Birmingham. They played excellent football from the first game and were constantly looking to attack with the ball, they drew there first game but then went on to win there next 5 games 5-0, 3-0 , 2-1, 4-0 3-0. The girls unfortunately missed out on winning the tournament on goal difference. Amazing performance girls.

Girls Football Aston Villa Competition (28/02/2017)

The girls took part in a Competition at Aston Villa academy; the girls played some excellent football and scored some amazing goals. They won all there group games and topped there group on maximum points. Percy won their semi-final and played Leigh in the final. The final was a close game which was heading towards extra time but then Percy scored a last minute goal to secure the victory and win the cup. Congratulations girls!

Netball Tournament (13/02/2017)

Percy took part within a mini netball tournament at Leigh School , Percy played two game of high five games against Leigh and Clifton. Percy played their first game against Leigh, Leigh where a very drilled competitive team with very talented players. Percy played extremely well , the girls created some excellent chance throughout the game and narrowly lost to Leigh. Percy played their next game against Clifton , this game was a close game with both teams marking each out of the game. Percy produced some excellent high five Netball throughout the whole competition.

Boccia (03/02/2017)

Percy took a really strong team to the triathlon and competed against Long Well and Haughton. Percy played some excellent matches against the two schools and both games were really competitive and closely fought. Percy came 2nd in the competition and did extremely well, the sport department are very proud of their efforts.

Basketball Competition (23/01/2017)

Percy took part in a Basketball competition with 1 other school; Hollywood A and Hollywood B teams. Percy played against Hollywood B team first and played excellent, they passed brilliantly and produced some amazing shots, Percy won this game. Percy then progressed to play Hollywood A team, Percy managed to keep the game very close against a very good Hollywood team. Percy had many chances but couldn’t convert these into points; Hollywood came away with a very close victory. Both of the games were strongly contested and played excellent basketball but unfortunately didn’t make it through to the next stage. Well done to all the players that played, the sports department were very proud of your efforts.

Football 4-Aside Competition (18/01/2017)

Percy took part in a football 4-aside competition against 2 other schools. The level of football that was played was one of a high level. Percy took to the field against two other teams and produced some excellent football; they show moments of quality within both matches. Percy unfortunately didn’t make it through to the next stage but the boys gave a great account of themselves within the tournament. Well done to all the boys that played. 

Basketball Competition (25/11/2016)

Percy took part in a Basketball competition with 2 other schools; they played against really competitive teams in a very strong league. Percy played against Hollywood school first and St Martins, both of the games were strongly contested and played excellent basketball but unfortunately didn’t make it through to the next stage. Well done to all the players that played, the sports department were very proud of your efforts. 

Girls Football Match vs Chilcote, Holy Souls & St. Bernard’s (14/10/2016)

Percy girls played three matches on Friday afternoon against strong opposition, they played all three games one after the other. They firstly played Chilcote in a very tight game which was decided by one well worked goal from the opposition, the result didn’t match the effort which Percy put into the match. Percy then played Holy Souls in close match which Holy souls were victorious within; Percy again produced an excellent performance. The last match against St Bernard’s Percy was beaten by a well drilled team that played a particular style from the first whistle; Percy came close on countless opportunities but unfortunately couldn’t find a breakthrough.

Girls Football Match vs Hollywood (07/10/2016)

The girls played their first league match of the season; they produced an excellent performance from the first whistle. They chased down every ball and worked really hard for each other, this is where the first goal came from. The goals continued to flow throughout the team with a lovely passing style which the team has installed within them. Percy scored 3 goals which all within the team was involved within , Hollywood managed to get 1 goal back which they caught the girls on the counter attack. Percy played excellent in their first league game of the season.

Boys Football Match vs Hollywood (05/10/2016)

Percy Boys played their first league match of the season against Hollywood; the boys played an excellent match from the whistle. The boys created many opportunities throughout the match and this resulted in fine goals being scored, they defended excellently throughout the game and restricted the opposition to only a few chances. Percy rounded off the match with a few more goals which meant when the final whistle was blown Percy came away with the victory, congratulations boys.

Boy’s 5/6 Football Tournament (30/09/2016)

Percy boys played in their first tournament and they came so close to delivering on what looks like being a really successful season ahead. The boy’s played 4 games with each one being as eventful as the previous.  They scored some really good goals and defended well in all matches, they played against some really good schools that had some excellent players. The matches were close and this was seen in the group table, the boys closely missed out on progressing to the next stage but can take a lot of positives from their performances to take into the upcoming season.

Girl’s Football Tournament (23/09/2016)

The girls took part in the opening football tournament of the year; they were placed within a group with two very well trained teams. The first opening round of matches resulted in 0 goals being conceded by any team this was due excellent defending by every team. The girls played extremely well in the next two games and showed Percy resilience with the way they played. When all the results were counted up the girls narrowly missed out on progressing to the semis by 1 goal. The girls played incredibly well and showed great promise for the season ahead.