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Language Alive 2015/2016


This bilingual, multi-sensory drama takes the children on a trip to Bonnie Cove to meet Pearl, an old fisherwoman. The children explore the seaside and help Pearl to dig for treasure. She tells them of the mysterious music she has heard and about a strange creature she has seen in the sea. The children soon discover it is not a creature but Nori, an orphan from a far away land. Once Nori has come ashore the children help Pearl to overcome her fears, communicate with their new friend and find ways for them to share Bonnie Cove and live together.

Nori was originally devised with the Hanyong Theatre Company in Birmingham and Buksetung Theatre Company in South Korea in 2014.




Year 2 - Into the Garden

Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s story The Selfish Giant, Into the Garden integrates shadow play, puppetry and storytelling with emotional literacy and imaginative play. When the Giant prevents the local children from playing in his beautiful garden, a group of them decide to ignore the signs he has put up and show him what he’s been missing. The children examine what sharing and playing together means in practice. Shadow play is used both as an exciting theatrical stimulus for their participation as well as an art form in its own right that the children have the opportunity to explore for themselves.



Reception - Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen finds some grains of wheat and asks for help from the other farmyard animals to plant them, but no one on the farm is willing to help. She enlists the children to help and guides them through counting and sorting, weighing and matching. Once Little Red Hen and her new friends have worked hard and reaped the rewards of lovely fresh bread, they must decide whether to share it or not! Little Red Hen uses puppetry and games within the drama to support very young children understand plants & growth, sharing, counting, recognising shapes, sorting and matching and simple problem solving.

Some comments from our children:

"We made bread! It smelt delicious!"

"I liked helping Little Red Hen she was kind too."

"The other farm animals didn't help so we did."


Year 5: Thirst for Knowledge 

Thirst for Knowledge is a new programme that supports a range of curriculum themes through thrilling tales of discovery in faraway lands, posing moral dilemmas along the way.

It is inspired by the journeys of Baron Alexander von Humboldt who embarked on a remarkable expedition to South America in 1799. His achievements were so enormous that over 2,000 places and species bear his name, including rivers, ocean currents and even a penguin.



Year 1: Fit for a King

Travel to the court of Prince Yannis, one of the unhealthiest, laziest and most unhygienic princes ever. Yannis’ long-suffering personal chef recruits the children to help the Prince transform his lifestyle before he will be allowed to be crowned King. 

Using an engaging mix of storytelling, puppetry and shadowplay, the children learn about different food groups and the affects that diet and exercise can have on health. Together they plan a diet and fitness programme for Prince Yannis so that he can learn how particular choices affect his health, helping them explore and understand some of the choices that they can make for themselves on nutrition, exercise and hygiene.



Year 3: Spinning a Yarn

A creative retelling of the familiar story of The Emperor’s New Clothes using storytelling, participation and a dramatic weaving activity. The children take on the roles of citizens of the country of Devore, famous for its skilled craftspeople, to explore the country’s history and decide on its future.